Holiday recipes from our favourite artists: Maryem Tollar’s molokheyya soup


One of the things that’s gotten a lot of us through this crazy pandemic year has been getting back to the simple things in life: knitting, sewing, gardening, canning, baking and cooking, among other things.

So we here at Roots Music Canada decided to tap into the zeitgeist this holiday season.

We asked artists to send us their favourite holiday recipes or any other holiday DIY project they wanted to share with us, and we’re super stoked that Maryem Tollar got in on the action.

She sent us her recipe for molokheyya soup … and she even made us a video that you can watch below!


16 cups of vegetable soup stock
2 packages of frozen minced molokheyya (defrosted)
2 heads of garlic
Large can of Heinz tomato juice
Red onion
White vinegar
Cooked brown rice


Mince each head of garlic and put it in a separate bowl

In one bowl add a teaspoon of cumin and mix it with the minced garlic

In the other bowl add a teaspoon of coriander and mix it with the minced garlic

To make the red sauce, put some butter in a medium pot on medium heat and add the cumin

When it is sizzling, add the tomato juice and bring to a boil. Then let it simmer for 45
minutes or until everything else is ready.

The longer you leave it, the thicker it is.

While the red sauce is simmering, make the molokheyya soup.

Put some butter in a large pot on medium heat. Add the coriander garlic.

When it is sizzling add the vegetable soup stock and bring to a boil.

Add the 2 packages of molokheyya and bring to a boil again. Then turn it down to low to keep warm.

Cut up the red onion to make a garnish. Put it in a small bowl. Add white vinegar until it is completely covered.

To serve, put some brown rice in a bowl, cover it with the molokheyya soup. Add red sauce to taste, and finish it with some red onion garnish.

Bon appetit!

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