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Holiday recipes from our favourite artists: The Hello Darlin’s Maple Old Fashioned


One of the things that’s gotten a lot of us through this crazy pandemic year has been getting back to the simple things in life: knitting, sewing, gardening, canning, baking and cooking, among other things.

So we here at Roots Music Canada decided to tap into the zeitgeist this holiday season.

We asked artists to send us their favourite holiday recipes or any other holiday DIY project they wanted to share with us. Several of them obliged, and we’re excited to feature the first today: the Hello Darlin’s Maple Old Fashioned. That’s a drink, by the way.

“The Darlin‘s Maple Old Fashioned recipe represents our appreciation for things of a vintage nature,” co-leaders Candace Lacina and Mike Little wrote in an email. “We like classic instruments and cocktails! We added the maple ‘twist’ as a tribute to Canadiana or the “north” in the North-Americana genre. We each have a number of favourite holiday traditions and recipes but we all agreed on this one because Mike and Murray have a friendly (and somewhat notorious) competition to find the best Old Fashioned cocktails whenever we’re traveling. It’s such a classic drink and a good way to warm up in the winter, or wind down in the summer. A couple of their favourite locations to order Old Fashioned cocktails in Canada are the Grizzly House in Banff, home of “The Armageddon” Old Fashioned, the Palm Lounge at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, home of the Traditional Old Fashioned, and the Pickle Jar in Fredericton, home of Mike’s “winning” favourite (other than his homemade maple recipe), the Smokey Old Fashioned. Ahhh. Christmas on ice.”

OK, here we go:

The Hello Darlin’s Maple Old Fashioned

Makes one Drink
Takes five minutes to make!
  • 2 ounces rye whiskey or bourbon
  • 1 teaspoon pure maple syrup
  • Dash of Angostura bitters
  • Orange peel (for garnish)

Just mix whiskey, maple syrup, bitters, and 1 tsp. water in an old-fashioned glass. Add an ice cube, then garnish with orange peel. Voila! Noël Canadien!

While you’re here, by the way, take a minute to check out the band’s latest video.

Oh hey, while you



  1. OMG, “Aberdeen,” what a heart-wrenching, beautifully performed song and video! And Joey Landreth, such a great talent. Love love love this!


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