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Paul Reddick and the Gamblers – Alive in Italia

In 2001 on his award-winning album Rattlebag, Toronto bluesman Paul Reddick sang, “…there’s no good place to have the blues,” and now almost 20...

Imogen Joy evokes Leonard Cohen and sings to her muse on ‘My Marianne’

Canadian alt-folk singer-songwriter, poet and producer Imogen Joy summons a muse all her own with the release of her new single, “My Marianne.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BO86WbRAeI “This song...

Humour: Bruce Madole introduces us to the artist who doesn’t play

Bruce Madole is an award-winning Canadian author and songwriter who was awarded the John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award in 2017. He has written poetry,...

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