Have a listen to Allison Lupton and Craig Werth’s lovely new COVID-themed single

Allison Lupton and Craig Werth have released a new single that is COVID-themed but not in a way you might expect.

“When Trouble Comes” was inspired by the dramatic annual spring flood of Ontario’s Grand River, and it draws comparisons to the uncertainty many of us are experiencing during these troubled times.

We’re loving its sweet, melancholy sound.

The song features Craig’s rich lead vocals paired with Allison’s beautiful vocal harmonies and backed by musicians Joseph Phillips (bass) and Mike Stevens (harmonica).

Andrew Collins engineered the song and edited the accompanying video, which concludes with stunning artwork by Ian Bell. The painting transforms from black and white to colour, bringing into focus a severe spring ice jam at the Three Sisters pillars on the Grand River.

Have a look at the video!



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