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James Cohen and the Prairie Roots Rockers have a new video for ‘These Long Nights’


James Cohen and the Prairie Roots Rockers are exactly who they say they are.

And nowhere can you hear just what the Winnipeg-based outfit means than on their new video for their much-loved single, “These Long Nights.”

“The origins of this song go back several years,” frontman and band namesake James Cohen said. “The general theme is one of loneliness and isolation which, unfortunately, are sentiments many of us can relate to during these difficult times currently.

“The video attempts to convey a longing for someone special who was perhaps met long ago, not unlike reminiscing about a long-lost romantic partner who we have lost track of and wonder about today.”

“The song isn’t necessarily meant to be sad,” he insisted. “But… The D minor key it was written in lends itself to a melancholy tone.”

The song was featured in the movie Gone Tomorrow and has been a mainstay on the set list ever since.

“It’s one of the audience’s favourites when we play it live,” James said. “We add a long keyboard solo to it, too, which always goes over well.”



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