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The results are in! Here are your answers to Roots Music Canada’s fan survey


For the past month, we here at Roots Music Canada have been asking you to fill in a survey, asking you about your experiences with streaming concerts, your feelings about live music in the age of COVID-19 , your music purchasing and streaming habits and more. Our goal was to gather information for artists so they can use it to plan how to spend their time over the next few months. I think we succeeded.

A total of 215 of you answered our questions. This isn’t a scientific survey, so we can’t tell you what its margin of error is or how representative it might be of a larger audience sample. But we did notice that the results stayed pretty consistent as people from across the country weighed in.

Here, without further ado, are the results (note: you can use the screen magnifier on your browser to enlarge these images and make them easier to read).

Part 1: Streaming concerts

Part 2: Live Music

Part 3: Recorded music

Part 4: Demographic questions


This pie chart shows the break-down of survey respondents by geographic location

Note: this chart is derived from responses to an open-ended question we asked about whether or not fans were trying to support artists during the pandemic, and, if so, how. An overwhelming number of people listed at least one method they were using to try to help, and many listed several. The numbers shown in this chart represent the total number of people (out of 215) who told us they were engaged in each of these efforts.


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