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Why you need to discover the Treeline … the band, that is


There are plenty of things in Norfolk County, southern Ontario that help make Canada’s largest province what it is: diverse. The fertile land produces a bountiful fall harvest of various fruits and vegetables; vineyards produce wines that would rival any in the country, and lakes and waterways entertain both locals and tourists throughout the area’s warm summers.

The region is also no stranger to music. It is home to the likes of Rick Danko (born in Blayney, Norfolk County) and the legendary Robbie Robertson who, as a boy, spent a lot of his childhood in Six Nations of the Grand River (where he picked up a guitar for the first time). Following in that local music tradition is a Canadian folk group known as the Treeline.

This folk music sextet formed in 2018 and has built up quite the fanbase in a short period of time. Its introspective, Canadiana music is influenced by the culture, changing seasons and diverse landscape of this incredible country. Members include Chris Rait (Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, upright bass), Jeannine Bouw (lead and background vocals), Matthew Rait (lead guitar), Steven Glowala (keyboards), John Salciccioli (drums and percussion) and John Rogers (bass), all of whom are from Norfolk County and the surrounding region. Each member brings with them a unique background and professional skillset which blend together to give the Treeline an experienced, mature sound that can only be truly appreciated during their energetic, live performances. They love to perform, and it shows. On stage, they seamlessly transition between original songs that pay tribute to Canadian culture and history and the toe-tapping tempo of an old sea shanty. Throw in a motley crew of influences including Sting, the Beatles, Ron Sexsmith and Simon and Garfunkel and you’ve got the recipe for a fantastic musical experience that makes people happy and leaves the listener wanting more.

There are no rough edges here; each member plays off and compliments the others. Their lyrics are intelligent, the melodies make you smile, and the musicianship speaks for itself. This is music for the soul.

The Treeline is a genuine, intelligent addition to the Ontario and Canadian folk music scenes. Entertainment is their business, and they take their business seriously.

See them live, if the opportunity presents itself, and walk away with a feeling of contentment in your heart and a smile on your face.

Follow the Treeline on Facebook for upcoming performances and catch their videos on Youtube.


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