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The music industry has called for today, June 2, to be known as Blackout Tuesday to provoke accountability and change through #TheShowMustBePaused – a day to take a break for honest, reflective, and productive conversations about what actions we need to collectively take to support the black community.

Here at Roots Music Canada, we share the values of the Canadian folk, roots and world music communities that we serve, which stand firmly on the side of social justice and seek liberation from oppression for marginalized communities. We join with our colleagues across the music industry today to reflect on our own unconscious biases, the ways in which we inadvertently perpetuate societal power structures and structural oppression and the ways in which we fall short of our own ideals – and what we can do to change. We welcome and invite dialogue from within our community and beyond about the ways in which we can be effective allies to those dealing with the impact of racism in their daily lives, and we pledge to engage in those dialogues in a spirit of humility and not fragility.

#BlackLivesMatter #IndigenousLivesMatter


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