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It’s your turn! Please give us feedback on your musical needs and wants

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Last Saturday on Roots Music Canada, we shared some data about fan experiences with music streaming services and live streaming during COVID-19-related lockdowns. It also included some information about people’s attitudes toward the reopening of live music venues.

However, none of this data told us much about the Canadian folk, roots and world music audience in particular. How do we compare to music fans as a whole? How have we been using music over the course of the past few weeks? What do we want from our favourite artists in the coming weeks and months? How, if any way at all, are we interested in watching live music again in the near future?

Live music …. What now? Seven things to watch for

We’d like to ask you to please help us answer these questions so that artists and concert promoters can figure out how to get artists working to meet your needs. Please also share this with your roots-loving friends.

The questions only take a few minutes to answer, and we really appreciate your time.

The Roots Music Canada COVID-19 survey

Hi everyone, Thank you so much for taking this survey. Our goal here at Roots Music Canada is to help Canadian folk, roots and world music artists make decisions about how best to serve you during these days of COVID-19 related isolation. Please help us help you by taking a few minutes to answer these questions.






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