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Guitar in Woods

It’s your turn! Please give us feedback on your musical needs and wants

Last Saturday on Roots Music Canada, we shared some data about fan experiences with music streaming services and live streaming during COVID-19-related lockdowns. It...

Live music … now what? Seven things to watch for

COVID-19 has killed live music until at least sometime next year. That seems to be the consensus of the agents and promoters I’ve spoken...

Check out Crystal Shawanda’s brand new “When It Comes To Love” video

Penned by Crystal Shawanda and her husband, guitarist/producer Dewayne Strobel, the bittersweet ballad “When It Comes To Love” was the first single released from...

Ken Whiteley – Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Christianity looms large over Ken Whiteley’s latest album, Calm in the Eye of the Storm. It’s the lens through which he addresses weariness, lays...

A salute to Bruce Cockburn on his 75th birthday

Today, as Bruce Cockburn reaches his 75th year, we can rejoice that he is still a stealer of fire, dancing his sunwheel dance in...

Check out Anthony Aramouni’s lovely Cohen tribute song and video

Canadian singer-songwriter, composer, producer and screenwriter Anthony Aramouni has combined his ear for music and eye for film in this, his richly textural, hypnotically...

Sierra Noble is asking for help after her Facebook page … vanished!

With the world in the middle of a pandemic and live music on hold for the foreseeable future, you would think that nothing else...

How’s everybody doing out there?

As we head into the summer, we're approaching that time of year when artists, fans and industry people would normally be gathering at summer...

Blues matriarch Dalannah’s new single asks what we’re all thinking in 2020

Canadian matriarch of the blues Dalannah wants to know “What The Hell Is That” when it comes to the state of the world in...

David Clayton-Thomas’ and Liona Boyd’s musical responses to COVID-19

Grammy Award winning Canadian Music Hall of Fame-member David Clayton-Thomas is heralding the hard work of essential workers, especially in the era of COVID-19,...

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