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New single from The Orchard celebrates ‘Whatever Gets You High’



Edmonton’s Kasha Anne, Mitch Smith and Andreas Wegener recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary as The Orchard. Over that time, they have performed from Victoria to Toronto, while earning 18 Alberta Country Music Association Award nominations and multiple Edmonton Music Award nominations along the way.

To mark the milestone, they are releasing a new single, “Whatever Gets You High,” on April 24 via Royalty Records. We’re pleased to offer a first listen to the track, a groove-driven blend of sweet and salty indie rock and country pop, produced by multiple CCMA award winning producer, Bart McKay.

As Mitch stated in 2017 at the time of their last album, The Great Unknown, “We are always striving towards the same thing, which is to have our art come across as genuine, heartfelt, and real. The intention behind what we are trying to do keeps us on our feet and working on this thing.”

Kasha Anne added, “I think Mitch and I have this delicate balance of our personalities and our skill sets that we bring to the table. I think the beauty of it comes from how different we are. Sometimes we even view lyrics in a completely different context than the other. We are both quite open-minded, but also very determined individuals. It all plays well into each other, but I think the biggest thing is that through the nature of us being different people, we actually end up on the same page.”

“Whatever Gets You High” offers a positive message to enjoy yourself in whatever form that takes, free from judgment. Its catchiness and sense of fun are two things The Orchard is keen to express through their music at this moment in time, and it hopes everyone will follow the song’s advice. For more info go to theorchardmusic.com.


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