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Please do this right now. It will take 5 seconds and help us stream concerts

Image by Gabriel Doti from Pixabay.

Hi everyone,

I have a very important request for you:

Please follow this link here and click “subscribe.” And then ask everyone you know to do the same.

Why did I just ask you do to that? Because Roots Music Canada is testing technology to allow artists to stream performances on our website and sell tickets, allowing them to make some money to offset their losses from COVID-19 cancellations. The easiest platform to stream through is YouTube’s mobile streaming setup, because it allows us to take a private stream straight from an artist’s camera-phone and put it on our site.

HOWEVER, YouTube restricts mobile streaming to accounts that have more than 1,000 subscribers. A lot of artists don’t have that. But if everyone here goes and subscribes – and tells all their friends to subscribe – we can hit that magic number and offer a channel for artists to stream on.

Will you please help?



  1. The Independent music community is being devastated amidst the Coronavirus scare, we are all suffering. thanks for this, The Medicine Music family fold is trying “Self Isolating House Concert” IE we are taken cancelled shows online for folks who are self-Isolating, to try and recover some lost revenue and help maintain promoters and festivals as we do, it just might inspire other artists to do the same we’ve done 2 successful shows that nearly 3000 people have viewed and an as yet low average hav e donated,
    For news developments as they happen go to http://www.houseconcert.eu and please concider joining the “Self Isolating House Concert Group” here https://www.facebook.com/groups/880656909043172

  2. This is a wonderful initiative, thank you Roots Music Canada. Now that you’re over 1,000 subscribers, how do artists use this new platform?

  3. Hi Rob,
    We’re still waiting for YouTube to enable our mobile streaming access, which, according to the help forums, could take several days. Once we have it, I’ll put out the word that the platform is available. I may need to recruit some volunteers to help me too though, depending on demand!!


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