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Elk Run & Riot – ‘Castle Wolf’

Photo by Bojan Cosic.

Way back in April of 2018, not long after we launched Roots Music Canada, we featured the song “Wandering” from Elk Run & Riot’s album Animalia.

Well, now the ensemble is gearing up to release its fourth full-length album, Morning Light, on Jan. 31, and we’re stoked to premiere the second single, “Castle Wolf,” which is coming out tomorrow.

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Here’s what vocalist and guitarist Ryan Schepens had to say about it:

Castle Wolf’ is a tale of a person who drifts a little too far to the dark side and loses someone close to them. It’s not really specified in the song whether it’s a lover, friend, or family member who pushes the character away, so the song could mean something different from one listener to the next. The song finds the character comparing him/herself to a lone wolf throughout the song – they’re alone and wishing they had done things differently. It’s a song about hindsight, understanding and wishing well upon the people we have hurt or lost along the way. But like I said, it could mean something different to everyone!”

The members of Elk Run & Riot, who are based in the Canmore area, got together in 2013 and have made a name for themselves for three and four-part harmonies and a no-nonsense group mentality reminiscent of The Band.

Since releasing Animalia, they’ve been tearing up western Canada, and in the process, winning over scores of new fans with their high-energy brand of alternative folk.

Morning Light was written by Ryan, Andrew Cotter and Brian Bailey in a single night in a cabin in Golden, BC. The outing was meant as a songwriting retreat, but the guys weren’t expecting to come up with enough songs for an entire album – but that’s exactly what happened!  

The songs touch on things like addiction, love/friends lost, growing up, and life on the road in the back of a Dodge Caravan.  They see the group growing more as musicians and becoming better songwriters and storytellers, and this new single is proof of that.  




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