Check out Corby’s beautiful tribute to those we lost in 2019

It’s that time of year when we pause to reflect on the one we just left behind.  Here on Roots Music Canada, some of us will be publishing lists of our favourite music and concerts in the coming days.  But first, Paul Corby brings us this gorgeous video paying tribute to those we said goodbye to in 2019. Have Kleenex ready.

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  1. Anne Lederman 4 January, 2020 at 00:07

    Beautifully done, Paul. I knew some of these lovely musicians, not all of them, sadly, and am ashamed to say, I didn’t even know they had all passed this year. Joe Hall, Tony Bird, Leon Redbone and Mose, incredible voices in our lives. Mitch, who brought such incredible experiences and events into the world. And the young faces: Kelly Fraser, such a tragedy. . .

  2. Randy MacNeil 15 January, 2020 at 06:43

    Very cool video,nice to see my picture of Mitch in the video,that was a cherished moment of mine,at the Edmonton folk fest.So much talent,great visual trbute.

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