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Congratulations to your 2019 Maple Blues nominees

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The Toronto Blues Society this week announced the nominees for the 23rd annual Maple Blues Awards, honouring the finest our country has to offer. 

Particularly impressive this year is the list of nominees for the Blues with Feeling lifetime achievement award. Just look at that list o’ talent!  With Ken Whiteley, Michael Jerome Browne,  Danny Brooks, and so many more in there, I can’t imagine how you could ever choose just one recipient.  I suspect sooner or later every one of them will have one of those awards.

If you’re a member of the Canadian public, you can register and vote for the winners of the Maple Blues Awards  through Dec. 1 at midnight – actually 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. Register at www.mapleblues.ca.

This year’s Maple Blues Awards will be hosted by musician, theatre performer and lighting designer Raha Javanfar and held on Feb. 3, 2020.  Tickets are available online at rcmusic.com or at the Koerner Hall box office or by phone at (416) 408-0208.

Toronto Blues Society charter members can get the best available seats to the show and 25 per cent off tickets anywhere in the hall. Tickets start at only $35.

Nominees for the 23rd Annual Maple Blues Awards

Entertainer of the Year

Dawn Tyler Watson

Downchild Blues Band

Miss Emily

Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar

Sue Foley

Electric Act of the Year

Colin James

Jack de Keyzer

Paul DesLauriers Band

Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar

Sue Foley

Acoustic Act of the Year

Big Dave McLean

Harry Manx

Manx Marriner Mainline

Matt Andersen

Michael Jerome Browne

Male Vocalist of the Year

Harpdog Brown

Harrison Kennedy

Matt Andersen

Steve Marriner

Steve Strongman

Female Vocalist of the Year

Angel Forrest

Dawn Tyler Watson

Miss Emily

Samantha Martin

Shakura S’Aida

New Artist of the Year

Bywater Call

Durham County Poets

Matchedash Parish

Miss Emily

Robert Connely Farr

Recording/Producer of the Year

Colin Linden & Luther Dickinson – Amour / Stony Plain (Colin Linden)

Dawn Tyler Watson – Mad Love / Self (François Thiffault & Dawn Tyler Watson)

Harpdog Brown – For Love & Money / Dog House (Steve Dawson)

Matchedash Parish – Saturday Night / Make It Real (Lance Anderson)

Matt Andersen – Halfway Home By Morning / True North (Steve Dawson)

B.B. King International Artist of the Year

Buddy Guy

Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

Ghost Town Blues Band

Larkin Poe

Mavis Staples

Songwriter of the Year

Big Dave McLean

Colin Linden

Dawn Tyler Watson

Robert Connely Farr

Sue Foley

Blues with a Feeling Award (Lifetime Achievement Award)

Alec Fraser

Brent Parkin

Danny Brooks

Joe Murphy

Ken Whiteley

Michael Fonfara

Michael Jerome Browne

Tom Lavin

Guitarist of the Year

Anthony Gomes

Garrett Mason

Jack de Keyzer

Paul DesLauriers

Sue Foley

Harmonica Player of the Year

Al Lerman

Harpdog Brown

Jim Zeller

Roly Platt

Steve Marriner

Piano/Keyboard of the Year

David Vest

Duane Blackburn

Jenie Thai

Jesse O’Brien

Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne

Horn Player of the Year

Chris Whiteley

Kaven Jalbert (Ben Racine Band)

Loretta Hale (Andre Bisson Band)

Mat “Moose” Mousseau (Ben Racine Band)

Richard Thornton (Jack de Keyzer Band)

Drummer of the Year

Chris Nordquist (Steve Kozak, Cannery Row)

Gary Craig (Colin Linden, Steve Dawson)

Lindsay Beaver

Sam Harrisson (Paul DesLauriers Band)

Tom Bona (Sue Foley)

Bassist of the Year

Alec Fraser

Alec McElcheran (Paul DesLauriers Band)

Gary Kendall

Keith Picot

Leigh-Anne Stanton (Wicked Grin)


  1. I wonder who exactly is eligible to be considered for this series of awards? Would Rik Emmett, if he had an eligible album, be considered or is he “rock”? I ask in part because though that is the genre he is most associated with, he has played blues music, in my opinion at least, among other genres.

    I recognize only a few names here such as Tom Lavin, Colin James, and Colin Linden.


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