Home Feature Check out the Lifers’ new environmental activist song, ‘Tip’

Check out the Lifers’ new environmental activist song, ‘Tip’


The Lifers, led by sisters Liv and Anita Cazzola, are an art-folk collective from Guelph, ON whose  intertwined voices dynamically convey vulnerability and strength, confronting the fragility of our world and ourselves. Canadian Folk Music Award nominees for Emerging Artist of the Year in 2018 and folk festival favourites, they share stories that juxtapose tenderness and explosive energy, sometimes within a single breath. Folk music has never sounded so immediate.

The Lifers’ new single, titled “Tip,” is an enviro-political outcry in the face of the current global climate emergency. Shedding light on the seemingly small yet compounding choices we all make, “Tip” is a wake-up call to all humanity – voters and elected officials alike – who must work together to create positive, necessary, immediate, harmonious change. “Tip” is fervent, with ethereal synths and samples swirling among harp-inspired ukulele, haunting banjo, trembling cello, tidal percussion and foreboding electric guitar – a musical ecosystem on the brink of collapse.

Have a listen!


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