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Dirty Dishes’ new album In Sink is out today, and they cover Zeppelin!


Lisa Olafson, Suzy Wilde and Alison Porter (ukulele, guitar and fiddle, respectively) come together with extraordinary energy and flare in their unforgettable ensemble Dirty Dishes.  And the trio’s new album, In Sink, which releases today, captures all the best parts of this Canadian roots trio: rich harmonies, clever songwriting, country-tinged ballads and killer charm. This fourth album also reflects a musical maturity, ease and playfulness that a band can only achieve after a decade of playing music together.  Blending roots, folk-rock, bluegrass, gospel and country music, Dirty Dishes’ In Sink will have you in stitches one minute and reaching for your handkerchief the next.

The first single is a percussive, acoustic, harmony-rich cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp,” and we love it so much we’re sharing it with you right now.  

By the way, don’t miss these gals’ live show, which sees them donning cowboy boots, gingham dresses, big smiles and a whole lotta sass. Whether you catch them on a festival stage or at your Uncle Joe’s kitchen party, you’ll be eager to roll up your sleeves for more Dirty Dishes!


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