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Del Barber – “Patient Man”


Del Barber releases his brand new album, Easy Keeper, on Sept. 6, and we’re super stoked here at Roots Music Canada to be premiering his new single from that album, “Patient Man.” It’ll be out wherever you check out new music tomorrow.

Del’s been through a lot of life changes over the last few years – like moving to the country and welcoming a new daughter into the world. But this new album speaks more about the inner changes Del’s been trying to make.

“Easy keeper” is actually a farming term, he explained in the promotional material announcing the album; it literally refers to an animal that’s easy to keep – one that’s selfless and low-maintenance. Del, who grew up in St. Norbert, MB, right on the urban-rural divide, said he found in that term a goal to strive for in his own personal growth.

“It is a sincere reflection of my desire to become someone who is able to see the depth of my own footprint and marvel at those whose footprints become gardens rather than scars,” he said very poetically.

“Patient Man” clearly fits with the theme of self-improvement, and we’re excited to feature it today.

Thanks, Del, for sharing this with us!




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