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Noah Derksen’s touring central Canada right now with Part Two of America, Dreaming

Photo by Eric Ballard Photography.

If you’ve not yet heard Noah Derksen, allow me to introduce you. He’s a Canadian singer-songwriter producing a singular and haunting brand of contemplative folk music punctuated by his skillful guitar and soulful vocals. His latest project, America, Dreaming, is a personal journey containing Noah’s observation of his own identity as an American citizen growing up in Canada. It was recorded and produced by Murray Pulver (The Bros. Landreth, Joey Landreth, Doc Walker, etc.) in Winnipeg.

Part one came out in March to an enthusiastic reception leaving people demanding more. Noah answered that call with part two, which came out July 5 supported by the massive tour Noah’s currently embarking on.  The full album comes out in October with the third and final installment of three songs completing the album.

Here’s what Noah had to say about the project:

Growing up in Canada, I’ve always had this grand ideal of the United States of America in my mind; an unrealistic depiction of a “land of opportunity” and freedom in all accounts — freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of culture. 

America, Dreaming is a full-length album containing songs that are an observation of my home and native land south of the 49th parallel; an observation both external, of how things change with time, and internal, on my own shift in perspective.

Written during a time of living and travelling across the United States – from Nashville to Oregon and New York City to California – these songs present my ever-shifting understanding of this nation that has wrapped my identity since the day I was born.

Part two of this album comes from several, eye-opening experiences —  travelling through Vietnam, moving out of my van and into a real house in my hometown, and realizing that financial strain becomes a definite reality when you turn 25. We’re all just trying to make the wheel spin.

Check out “Land of the Free” from America, Dreaming part two.


See Noah Derkson live:

  • Aug. 3 – d’Lish by Tish, Saskatoon, SK
  • Aug. 4 – House Concert, Regina, SK
  • Aug. 5 – National Gallery of Saskatchewan, Canora, SK
  • Aug. 7 – Live on the Waterfront, Thunder Bay, ON
  • Aug. 8 – Lake of the Woods Brewing, Kenora, ON
  • Aug. 9 – Iron & Clay, Sioux Narrows, ON
  • Aug. 15 – Modern Coffee, Winnipeg, MB
  • Sept. 14 – From the Grind Up, Fort Frances, ON
  • Sept. 19 – Vancestock Unplugged, Toronto, ON
  • Sept. 22 – Live on Georgina, Cobalt, ON
  • Sept. 25 – LIVE! on Elgin, Ottawa, ON
  • Sept. 26 – House Concert, Ottawa, ON
  • Sept. 27 – House Concert, Perth, ON
  • Oct. 3 – Emmanuel United Church, Waterloo, ON
  • Oct. 4 – House Concert, Guelph, ON


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