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Check out Gordie MacKeeman’s cover of Gene MacLellan


OK, so we’re a little behind the times on this one, but we’re really loving this cover of Gene MacLellan’s “Just Want to be Loved by You” by Gordie MacKeeman and his Rhythm Boys.

The Boys’ new album, Dreamland, came out in April, and it’s a wonderful little affair that showcases everything the band has to offer. From the Cajun rocker “Sittin’ in a Bar,” to classic country sounds in “Strength In Numbers,” to the beautiful lullaby of the title track, the group members are showing their writing skills match their playing talents. There is also a fiddle and banjo-fired version of the old 60s hit by The Hollies “Stop Stop Stop.” And the biggest surprise is a mysterious number that turns out to be “Run With Us,” the theme song from the 80s Canadian cartoon classic, The Raccoons. Dreamland is a versatile, wide-ranging showcase that mirrors the live show, with four singers and multi-instrumentalists.

Led by fiddling wiz Gordie “Crazy Legs” MacKeeman, the Rhythm Boys feature all-star pickers and singers playing everything from down-home country to reckless rockabilly to intricate bluegrass.

The band has spent the last few years touring around the world delighting audiences wherever it goes. The members are all musical Swiss Army knives, able to pull out whatever instrument or style is needed. Peter Cann handles acoustic and electric guitars, banjo and vocals; Thomas Webb can be found on stand-up bass, guitar, banjo, steel guitar and vocals; Jason Burbine moves between drums, bass, guitar and singing; and, while Gordie is mainly on fiddle, he’ll grab the guitar, sit behind the drum kit and sing lots too. The result is an eclectic signature sound that draws upon bluegrass, old time country, folk, rockabilly, swing, Celtic, and other styles in genre-defying fashion.

Oh! And did I mention awards? They have a mantle full of them: a grand total of 12 Music PEI Awards and East Coast Music Awards for their previous albums. I’m guessing that number will grow with this new release.


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