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T. Nile releases brand new album Beachfires


From her early days in a cabin on Galiano Island, B.C. to the pulsing dance clubs of Goa, India, award-winning Canadian songwriter T. Nile has always blurred musical boundaries, fusing the traditionally conflicting styles of electro-pop and folk-roots.

Her new album, Beachfires, which came out on April 26, is a fearless expedition into the musical realms of electronic, folk, blues and atmospheric pop, capturing the listener’s heart and mind simultaneously. It’s a diverse, unpredictable and vulnerable record, strident and honest – a soulful and dynamic electro-folk dream filled with lyricism.

“When writing this album, I did things a little differently,” she explained. “The album evolved out of improvisations that happened while jamming with Brent Sadowick. We were playing around with a bunch of instruments, having fun. Brent recorded our improv sessions, and in several instances, as with ‘Dangerously Free,’ ‘Use Your Heart’ and ‘Note to Self,’ the vocal take that ended up on the album is the original recording. These recordings capture the creative ‘moment of conception.’”

The second single from the album, “So High,” and its accompanying video, are a moving tribute to T. Nile’s father, Dan, who passed away in 2015. He was a multi-instrumentalist sidewalk entertainer who spent years touring through North America and Australia with his young daughter in tow.

“It was the first song I wrote after my father passed away,” she said. “It expresses how I feel his presence whenever I’m alone in nature on our home of Galiano Island. I wrote it while filled with a profound grief at his loss, but also elation at how much I still feel him in every aspect of my life. When I sing it now, the song brings up a simultaneously soaring and melancholy feeling. His essence has expanded beyond the boundaries of his physical being, and he is now always with me on the inside.”

See T. Nile live:

  • May 30 — Beachfires Album Release, Rogue Folk Club, Vancouver, BC
  • July 26-28 — Islands Folk Festival, Duncan, BC
  • Aug. 9-11 — Kingsville Folk Festival, Kingsville, ON
  • Aug. 14 — The Burdock, Toronto, ON
  • Aug. 15 — Melville United Church, Ivan, ON
  • Aug. 16-18 — Summerfolk Festival, Kelso Beach Park, Owen Sound, ON


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