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Meg Tennant, My Father’s Son, and Alicia Toner



Gordy the Moose presents some of his favourite new music from the submissions that have arrived in the Roots Music Canada virtual mailbox.

Meg Tennant – Echoed Light

Apart from getting some love from our friends over at Penguin Eggs, Meg Tennant has largely flown under the radar over the course of her 20-odd year career – so this sweet-voiced artistically mature singer-songwriter might come as a revelation to many. There’s something about her pure-as-the-mountain-air vocals, her country-tinged folk sound, and her homespun acoustic arrangements that reminds me of Emmylou Harris – particularly the way that Meg’s voice manages to sound both girlish and world-weary at the same time. And there are some beautiful songs here. “Glass Heart” is as lovely as a breakup song can be. “Shine a Light On Us” is a spiritual number, complete with a vocal chorus, which seems to have been inspired by the passing of a loved one. And “Live on Love” is an uptempo little ditty about lasting love that manages to be cheerful without being corny. If you like what you hear, catch Meg’s album launch May 17 at the Burdock in Toronto or watch for her at a coffee house near you.

Meg Tennant – “Glass Heart”

My Father’s Son – “Ribbon in the Wind”

My Father’s Son is the stage name of Montreal singer-songwriter Mark Kulmala, who made his debut in 2016 with an album called Heart of Wood. He describes his songs as “emotionally complex but subdued [and] reflective,” and this new single from his forthcoming album, due in the fall, is certainly a fine example of that. 

“It’s a very personal song I wrote just after turning 30,” Mark said. “The further I get away from childhood, the more I find myself looking back on it. It’s about how time ahead is seemingly infinite, and the time behind was only a moment.” 

The understated acoustic guitar and slightly reverby vocal give the song a sombre vibe that suits its nostalgic theme. I look forward to hearing more from Mark.

April 28 – Springtide Music Festival, Uxbridge ON
May 30 – Living Roots Festival, Fredericton NB

Alicia Toner – “Dangerous Home”

Charlottetown-based artist Alicia Toner is a classically-trained musician with a history in theatre and an incredible set of pipes. This new single sounds like a super-polished pop gemstone, but there’s a heck of a lot of substance behind all this style. “Dangerous Home” is about exactly what the title suggests – and it’s accompanied by a brave, unflinchingly honest photo essay on Alicia’s web site that describes her struggles with anxiety, disordered eating, self-doubt, and self-care. Alicia says in the essay that she didn’t struggle with impostor syndrome until she transitioned from theatre to music and had to put her own art out into the world for people to judge. She needn’t worry. An artist with this much raw talent who is willing to be this vulnerable and honest has a bright future ahead of her.  See her live!

June 1 – Grimross Brewing Co., Fredericton, NB
June 2 – Shepody House, Sackville, NB
June 3 – The Carleton, Halifax, NB
June 4 – The Trailside Cafe, Mount Stewart, PEI
June 7 – Iona Heights Inn, Iona, NS
June 8 – Groundswell, D’Escousse, NS
June 12 – Festival of Small Halls, Charlottetown, PEI
July 3 – Railcar Brewing, Perth, NB
July 4 – Rocket Science Room, Montreal, QC
July 5 – Spitfire Cafe, Brockville, ON
July 6 – Vibration Studios, Ottawa, ON
July 11 – Burdock, Toronto, ON
July 12 – Cork & Bean, Oshawa, ON
July 14 – The Black Horse Pub, Peterborough, ON
July 19 – Railway City Brewing Co., St. Thomas, ON
July 26 – Rhythm & Brews Brewing Co., Cambridge, ON
July 27 – The Funky Olive, Kitchener, ON



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