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12 days of Christmas: The Roots Music Canada holiday mix tape is our gift to you


The holidays are a time for those of us blessed with good friends, family and supporters to take a moment to reflect on our good fortune. Here at Roots Music Canada, we have much to reflect on.

We are back online today because of the financial support of more than 40 artists, music fans, music industry professionals, record labels, publicists and promoters.

We also could not do what we do without the contributions of more than 30 volunteer writers, who share their talents and passion for this music with our readers.

And we wouldn’t be online or look as good as we do if not for the contractors, like our developer, who do this work for us at rates we can actually afford.

And then there’s YOU, all 30,622 of you, who visited the site either regularly or occasionally over the course of the year.

To thank all of you for your support this year, we’ve put together this little Canadian roots holiday playlist for you on Spotify. It features nearly all of the holiday songs we’ve highlighted on the site, plus tons of other favourites.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Roots Music Canada.

Please look below the player for the names of all the amazing people on our team.

We’ll see you on the 27th.


Merry Christmas and a HUGE thank you to our amazing Roots Music Canada team …

The founders: Andy Frank and David Newland

The patrons: Andy Frank, Arthur McGregor, Barry Hegland, Bernie Finkelstein, Speak Music, The Northern Lights Folk Club, Catherine Gray, Ben Sures, Chris White, Claire Ness, David Newland, Elizabeth Szekeres, Eve Goldberg, FamGroup, True North Records, George Brown, Gwen Kallio (Sisu Productions), Howard Gladstone, Jane Harbury, Jason Schneider Media, Fritz Media, Joanna Mills, Bottom Line Productions, Kevin Closs, Spincount, Lenka Lichtenberg, Lindsay Hancock, Lisa Patterson, Mae Moore, Watson Entertainment, Pascal Gemme, Paul Jorgenson, Peter Finfrock, Rachel Barreca, Richard Flohil, Rick Fines, Robert Kitching, Sandra Smith, Sarah French Publicity, Shari Ulrich, The Rogue Folk Club, Suzie Vinnick, Taivi, Tannis Slimmon, Tom Coxworth, and Borealis Records.

The writers: Elizabeth Szekeres, Paul Corby, Josh Forbes, Christophe Elie, Bob Mersereau, Linda McRae, Brooklyn Connolly, Joanna Mills, Deborah Holland, Alison Corbett, KC Hoard, Meral Mohammad Jamal, Meaghan Brackenbury, Sarah Williscraft, Val Coarmier, Howard Gladstone, Bob LeDrew, Zoe Buscho, Broose Tulloch, Richard Flohil, Keith and Heather Nicol, Tom Coxworth, Annette Donaghy, Troy Greencorn, Lillian Wauthier, Lindsay Ferguson, Lenka Lichtenberg, Nicole Lisa Craig, Doris Folkens, John Wort Hannam, Levi Cuss, Mike McCormick, Jennifer Ives, Arthur McGregor and Bayleigh Marelj.

The designer: Amanda Rheaume

The developer: Jessica Wong

The Gordy the Moose illustrator and logo creator: Michael Hepher


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