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Give a gift and support Roots Music Canada this holiday season


Folks, the holidays are coming up, and I am SO excited by the news I have to share with you today.  Here at Roots Music Canada, we’ve come up with TWO ways that you can support our wonderful online community AND give a gift at the same time.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone!  So if you’re wondering what you could possibly give the roots fan who has everything, here are two things we can guarantee they don’t have yet.  How can we guarantee that?  Because I JUST launched them!

Gift patronage

Roots Music Canada runs on monthly donations from artists and music fans just like you.  If you have a friend or loved one who loves reading our site, why not become a patron in their name?  For as little as $12 a year, you’ll be helping ensure that this site continues to be a thriving online community they can visit regularly (and that’s not just empty rhetoric, by the way.  We really do need your support to keep us online long-term).  What’s more, if you patronize us at a level that comes with perks, we’ll send those perks to your gift recipient too.

To gift a patronage, simply click HERE to go to our Patreon page and sign up as a patron using your own name and details (if you’re already a patron, please edit the amount of your existing patronage to add the value of the gift, rather than trying to become a patron twice.).

Then email me the name, address and email address of your gift recipient.  My email address is Gordy@RootsMusic.ca.

I’ll send them this attractive postcard letting them know about your generosity.  And, of course, I’ll send them their perks too if applicable.

Roots Music Canada merch

Folks, if you’ve ever thought it would be great to have my handsome mug on your mug, today is your lucky day! We’re rolling out our Roots Music Canada shop at Café Press. We’ve got t-shirts, tank-tops, long-sleeve tees, and a pile of drink-wear, including mugs, glasses, water bottles, and even a beer stein!  Best of all, Roots Music Canada earns royalties on your purchases. I guarantee you that your roots loving friend who has everything does not yet have a Roots Music Canada coffee mug, so why not get them one?  Click HERE to check out our store.

Folks, Canadian music fans lost some wonderful online magazines this year, and chief among them was Grayowl Point, a great little site that used to premiere and feature some Canadian roots artists.

We’re working to turn Roots Music Canada into a financially sustainable web site so that it can keep going long after I retire.  We’re already more than half way there, and your support of us this holiday season will get us even farther.

Happy Holidays, everyone!  And a thousand moose hugs to all of you for supporting us.


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