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Ann Vriend launches new single and video for ‘It’s Happening’

Photo by Jen Squires.

Award-winning soul singer Ann Vriend (AV) releases a new video and single today entitled “It’s Happening.”

Commissioned for a school fundraiser, the song features the students of the Sifton Elementary School Choir accompanying AV on this empowering and gritty, inner-city soul anthem.

Their efforts will culminate on with a special performance and viewing of the video this afternoon at the school (see https://www.annvriend.com/ for more info) 

AV sings her heart out about her views of the world; her matter-of-fact, non-sugar-coated observations from her inner city neighborhood; her hard life lessons – and yet there is a soulful, hopeful persistence for herself and the world to be better.

The members of the children’s choir AV recruited to sing the song with her are living proof that, as she sings, the change to a more inclusive and economically ethical society “is already happening.” Propelled by an unstoppable and compelling electric piano groove, the lyrics describe the transcendence of tough circumstances with a compassionate heart.  With her voice sounding like that of the late Aretha Franklin in her very early gospel days, AV offers a powerful, socially conscious exhortation.

 “It’s Happening” was recorded June 4, 2018, with students from the Sifton Elementary School choir. Sifton Elementary is a school in north Edmonton where some students come from war-torn countries and traumatizing and/or impoverished situations. The funding of this recording was made possible via an anonymous donor who saw the students and AV perform at a school fundraiser May 4, 2018. The donor was so moved and inspired by the performance of the song that he immediately asked how it could be immortalized by a studio recording of it. A week later he graciously provided the funding for this endeavor.  A month to the day after their debut performance, the students, AV, and her producer and videographer, Tino Zolfo, were in the recording studio recording the song and making a music video for it. None of the students had been in a recording studio prior to this date, but they have since inspired many people with their talent, hope, and enthusiasm for this venture. AV and all involved in the making of this video would like to thank everyone for listening and being part of this experience.


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