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An important message from Roots Music Canada editor Gordy the Moose


Folks, one year ago today, the Canadian media landscape for roots music was looking pretty dim. 

Around a dozen alt.weeklies across the country had shut their doors. Newspapers were cutting music coverage to a bare minimum.  Canadian roots music had almost no on-line presence.  And coverage of older artists, traditional artists, emerging artists, and other artists that aren’t the “flavor of the month,” had all but disappeared.

Where could fans of folk, roots and world music go to discover new music?  

How could artists reach new fans?

Five months ago, I helped relaunch Roots Music Canada after a hiatus of around five years, depending on where you count from.  

Our goal was and is to create an online community where fans can discover great Canadian roots music and artists can get the word out about their projects – and I think we’ve done a great job so far if I do say so myself.

Heck, 16 writers just filed more than 50 stories from festivals across Canada!

It doesn’t matter to us whether an artist is young or old, traditional or contemporary.  We don’t care if hipsters think it’s cool.  If it’s good, we will feature it here.   And if you love great Canadian roots music, you can find it here.

And we need your help to keep this up.

Roots Music Canada is just shy of half way to its fundraising goal.  That’s amazing!

But we need to get all the way there to make this site sustainable and help it grow.

If you appreciate what we’re trying to do for the roots music community, please help us out by clicking here to visit our Patreon page.  Every little bit helps.  (note:  Patreon bills in U.S. dollars)

And there’s a new perk for artists:   If you pledge $5 a month or more, you can send us a spreadsheet of your tour dates (we’ll give you a template) and we’ll bulk import them into our calendar.  No having to enter them one by one on the web site.

If you’re already a patron, your perks are in the mail now (unless I sent you an email to ask you for your address first).

Please help us secure our future here at Roots Music Canada.

I’m the happiest moose in the world right now, folks, and I want to keep my job.

A thousand moose hugs to all of you who are supporting us.


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