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This summer’s cross-Canada festival road trip in links!

Folks, it’s been one heck of a summer here at Roots Music Canada, and I am one exhausted moose!   Two months after we signed ourselves back on-line, I had this crazy idea:  What if we could find writers all across the country to go to folk, roots and world music festivals for us and write about them?!   And lo and behold, we found around 16 of ’em!  Together they hit 20 festivals in a little over six weeks and filed more than 50 stories!
Folks, please give a warm round of applause to Brooklyn Connolly, Troy Greencorn, Elizabeth Szekeres, Paul Corby, Richard Flohil, Alison Corbett, Rachel Barreca, Veronica Kovaks, Christophe Elie, Zoë Buscho, Broose Tulloch, Josh Forbes, Meaghan Brackenbury, Tom Coxworth, Annette Donaghy, and Deborah Holland.
For your long-weekend reading pleasure, I have collected all their coverage here in one place. 
I plan to spend my whole long weekend re-reading all these.  I am one proud moose to be working with such a great team. 
Atlantic Canada
Southern Ontario
Northern Ontario
The Yukon


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