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Festival Mémoire et Racines: a photo essay (Part 2)

(Below) This Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra dancer’s percussion made us want to dance too! 
The fires of community are lit at dusk. 
The Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra led a procession up the long hill to the centre of the festival site, walking backwards while playing their exciting music. 

The very fun Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra procession.  
The sun sets, but the music just goes on getting better. 
The Seamus Egan Project makes the approaching night come alive. 
Irish music never sounded so good: The Seamus Egan Project.  

Flatfoot stepdancer Matt Gordon joined the Seamus Egan Project for a few aerials.
The Burdon Folk Band had us charmed with their music from Eastern Europe.  
Renowned Québécois band Genticorum closed the Saturday night performances.  
Invited musical guests filled the stage toward the end of Genticorum’s performance.  
Rocking the main stage with Genticorum and their friends.  
Late night square dancing with the very animated and energetic Ghislain Jutras calling the dances to music by Robert Legault et les Mercenaires du Terroir. 
Giant seafood paella! Yum!! Just what everyone was waiting for! 

Fiddles and nyckelharpa on the acoustic stage. 

Fiddlers of all genres!
Jamming on the Terasse.  
Sweet music from La Suite. 
Low Lily high on the main stage.  
Grav’Ô Portes takes the main stage Sunday evening.  


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