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Festival Mémoire et Racines: a photo essay (Part 1)

The Gypsy Kumbia Ochestra at FMR 2018. Photo by Elizabeth Szekeres.

(Below) Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra encouraging a photo op during their main stage performance.  

The Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra has fifteen members including two fantastic dancers.  What a show! 
Les Tireaux de Roches pulled off a terrific main stage set.  

Robert Legault et Les Mercenaires Du Terroir featured the astounding fiddling, moustaches and limber foot percussion of Dâvi Simard. 


Reveillons! provided the music for the very fun Friday night Québécois square dances called by Jean-François Berthiaume. 

Trio Liseron comprised three recent graduates of the Joliette CEGEP folk music college, including the stellar banjo player Simon Degrave. 

The Fretless made great use of the acoustic stage and made everyone fall in love with their take on trad music arranged for string quartet. 

Great mountain music featuring Low Lily. 
Reveillons! was completely upstaged by a charming six-month-old toddler.  
Matt Gordon and Leonard Podolak with their wonderfully authentic Appalachian music.  

Picnic tables became an impromptu stage for the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra.  

Mmmm. Crèpes Breton made to order in the food court. 



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