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Dispatches from … home … before leaving for the Vancouver Folk Music Festival

Guitar in Woods

So it’s the night before the Vancouver Folk Music Festival and time to make some decisions. I can’t see everyone. Too many artists and too many playing at the same time. There’s only one of me. I’ve made lists and tried to come up with some sort of schedule but I know I won’t be able to stick to it. There are some artists I KNOW I must see, but many of those are headliners playing the evening concerts. The difficulty is in trying to hear as many of the newer and lesser-known artists as possible.

On top of everything, I have morning and early afternoon obligations and need to pace myself so I don’t have festival burnout. That makes my time there even more precious. I’m a short bike ride away, and there’s bike valet service (yeah!) so getting to and from is no big deal.

Can I run to Stage 4 to catch 15 minutes of Alex Cuba before running back to Stage 3 to see Gordon Grdina’s Haram? I’ll let you know. Will the best veggie burger stand in Vancouver be there? Let’s hope so.


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