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Oxlip – “Dust”

Guitar in Woods

Born and raised in Coney Island, Northern Ireland and now based in Vancouver Jayne Trimble brings more than a whiff of Gaelic authenticity to her Celtic-influenced singer-songwriter music. 

Her lovely, unadorned and ethereal vocals evoke the misty, rocky shores and green rolling hills of her homeland, while her songs – often inspired by Celtic folklore, Greek tragedies and Shakespearean plays – incorporate subtle hints of life beyond Paddy’s green shamrock shore. 

Why yes, that is a fuzzy electric guitar you hear juxtaposed against the sweet Irish flute on “Two Lovely Swans” – and on “Lark in the Morning” too.

But wait, is that a banjo on “Dust?”  

Jayne, who now performs as Oxlip, along with a collective of supporting musicians, is releasing her new album,  Wolves! Cried the Maid, on June 15.

She’s agreed to give Roots Music Canada an exclusive premiere of the song “Dust.”

Have a listen!


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