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Joe Nolan shares “Music In The Streets” (ft. Lydia Loveless) from new album Cry Baby

Guitar in Woods

Joe Nolan is back. The roots rocker from Edmonton, Alta., will release his new album, Cry Baby, this fall, but RMC is eager to give you an advance preview with an exclusive premiere of the first single, “Music In The Streets,” featuring Lydia Loveless.

Cry Baby is a collection of 10 songs, which take you on a trip of melancholic madness, a departure from his previous work, Tornado, which was produced by Colin Linden in Nashville, TN back in 2014. This time around Nolan made a record that hits close to home. Recorded in the dead of winter with Scott Franchuk, the vision behind Cry Baby is one that Nolan has kept locked up inside for the past three years. The music makes clear his struggles with darkness and depression, booze-filled evenings and broken relationships, but sharing his deepest secrets has led to truly remarkable results.

Nolan’s constant strength is his lyrical ability, as his words and imagery pierce the heart and have you hanging off each breath. He is not afraid to bleed – his open, wounded-heart delivery reminds us that we are all human. His unapologetic vulnerability is brave and endearing. Cry Baby is a journey through his early days, his first love, his feelings of failure and his never-ending search to find where he fits in.


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