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Roots Radio Thursday, Feb 7

Guitar in Woods

This week on The Open Chord Bill Garrett features Music From Montreal. Specifically, the program looks at singer songwriters that were all based around the Yellow Door Coffee House. Bruce Murdoch, Linda Morrison, Penny Lang, Ellen Shizgal and Lucinda Chodan & Dave Clarke all cut their teeth on the scene around the Yellow Door – the oldest running coffee house in the country. Also this week, music from Tim and Mollie O’Brien and the late, great Jackie Washington. That’s The Open Chord with Bill Garrett – Thursday at 11:00 am, 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm on rtds.ca.

On The Andy Frank Show’s second hour. Andy and his friends celebrate Valentine’s Day a week early with a special Valentine’s Day show. In studio guests include Kristin Sweetland, Andrea Ramolo, Sarah Burton, Mélanie Brûlée and Cindy Doire, five of the seven members of Ladies in Waiting, who release their first CD Lovesick at Toronto’s Lula Lounge next Tuesday, February 12. In the first hour, Andy is joined by special co-host Shawna Caspi, and they’ll spin recent releases by Lindsay May, Harry Manx, Jadea Kelly, Annie Lou, David Newland and other Canadian stars. Plus Sue Peters comes up with a very romantic gift idea for Valentine’s Day on Sue’s News. Thursday at 9:00 am, 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm on rtds.ca.

How to listen: Go to rtds.ca and find the Listen to RTDS box (top left). Select the stream quality you wish to use (192 kb or 128 kb). A player will pop up. If you wish to listen to archives of these shows, you can find them in the same Listen to RTDS box under On Demand . Select Roots Music Thursdays, and the shows are listed there.


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