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A new Adventure for David Newland

Guitar in Woods

Roots Music Canada is the brainchild of writer, host and performer David Newland. It all started a few years ago when he learned that a wonderful domain name, rootsmusic.ca, had become available. So naturally, he went about the task of putting something on the web to suit the domain name.

David enlisted the help of technical genius Trevor Mills, blogger extraordinaire Candace Shaw, site designer (and creator of Gordy The Moose) Janine Stoll and video producer/writer Andy Frank to launch the site on November 17, 2009. Shortly thereafter, David oversaw the building of the Woodshed.

Since that time, with David as editor-in-chief, Roots Music Canada has published hundreds of stories written by dozens of volunteer writers, has created and hosted numerous performance videos, and has streamed several live events, including the last three annual Canadian Folk Music Awards ceremonies.

Today, David Newland is announcing that he is embarking on a new adventure, and handing Gordy’s antlers exclusively over to Andy Frank.

David is the new Creative Director for Adventure Canada, a travel company committed to Canadian culture and the natural world. He will be helping with their editorial and creative content, including social media, community building, coffee table book, DVDs and events.

David will also be bringing his performing and hosting skills to bear (hopefully not literally) aboard Adventure Canada trips to the Arctic and elsewhere. He is hoping these visits to the Far North will deepen his approach to songwriting and writing, as they have done for Ian Tamblyn, an artist for whom David has a great deal of admiration.

You’ll still see and hear David regularly, performing and hosting on the Canadian folk and roots scene, and writing for various publications including Macleans.ca. He’s also working on a book.

Roots Music Canada, meanwhile, will continue to operate much as it has in the past, but with an increased emphasis on supporting and hosting radio shows created by Andy Frank, Bill Garrett and other folk/roots music programmers.

Good luck David!




  1. Congratulations, David. From the beginning, you did fantastic things with Roots Music Canada. Now that the site is well-0established and you’re moving on, I’m sure you’ll do just as well in your new position.

    I’m proud to have known you and been able to help out in my small way.

    Peace & Love.


  2. David – you were one of two very friendly faces I met when I began working with RMC. You remained – consistently, a good guy and were always open to ideas as was your counterpart in Andy. You not only helped build Roots Music Canada something good, but you’re also a part of the scene you worked so hard to champion. Something tells me that won’t stop and that you’ll still be a strong presence on the site and behind the scenes. Happy trails with the latest chapter!

  3. Congrats David! That really sounds exciting. So glad you’ll still be playing and writing and we really look forward to your performances at Winterfolk this year. Thanks for all of your hard work putting RMC together and supporting the music community the way you do!
    Best wishes for your new endeavors !

  4. Good one, David! Remember Billy Connolly’s maxim: “There’s nae such a thing as bad weather. Just the wrong clothes.”

    And if RMC needs another occasional contributor, Andy knows where to find me (at Dora Keogh’s, the Cameron, Not My Dog, Grossman’s and/oror the nearest Indian or Ethiopian restaurant).


  5. Congratulations David. What an enjoyable way to make a living. When you run into Banjo Bonnie say hi from me.

  6. Your creative genius spills over in so many directions, to sooo many’s benefit and I look forward to your continued “spillage” for this wonderful music community’s benefit … All the Best!!

  7. Only just now catching up on this past week’s news – all today is about is that and shoveling the four letter word beginning with S stuff but I do congratulate David on this next chapter – and of course congratulate A.Frank Esq. on his continued success and health as he finds other ways to make a livinbg while helping us all with our projects


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