Roots Radio Thursday on RTDS – Dec 27

We hope you’ve had a wonderful Holiday Season so far. We’ve had a great Christmas – even Gordy the Moose is giddy with the dusting of snow outside of the downtown Toronto studio where he sometimes hangs out.

Coming up this week on Roots Radio Thursday on RTDS:

Annabelle Chvostek - RISE

Andy Frank presents his personal favourite Canadian folk/roots music of 2012 on The Andy Frank Show. The list includes favourite single, album, new discovery, and a great list of contenders. Among the artists featured are Annabelle Chvostek, Trent Severn, Kat Goldman and Jory Nash.

Bill Garrett presents The Open Chord, which features a wide variety of music that stylistically falls under the folk/roots umbrella. This week Bill looks at some of the musicians that are responsible for what we now refer to as “Country Rock” Also new music from Toronto’s Amy Campbell and Sneezy Waters.

David Newland is happily enjoying the season with his family in Cobourg, so you will be treated to an encore performance of a previously-broadcast version of The Songwriter’s Workshop.

How to listen: Go to rtds.ca and find the Listen to RTDS box (top left). Select the stream quality you wish to use (192 kb or 128 kb). A player will pop up. If you wish to listen to archives of these shows, you can find them in the same Listen to RTDS box under On Demand . Select Roots Music Thursdays, and the shows are listed there.

Roots Radio Thursday Schedule on RTDS.ca
(all times EST)
6:00 AM Roots Music
9:00 AM The Andy Frank Show
10:00 AM Roots Music
11:00 AM The Open Chord w/ Bill Garrett
12:00 PM Roots Music
1:00 PM The Songwriter’s Workshop w/ David Newland
2:00 PM Roots Music
3:00 PM The Andy Frank Show
4:00 PM Roots Music
5:00 PM The Open Chord w/ Bill Garrett
6:00 PM Roots Music
7:00 PM The Songwriter’s Workshop w/ David Newland
8:00 PM Roots Music
9:00 PM The Andy Frank Show
10:00 PM The Open Chord w/ Bill Garrett
11:00 PM The Songwriter’s Workshop w/ David Newland

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