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Roots Radio Thursdays: the music you love, online!

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Andy Frank

Roots Radio Thursdays on RTDS.ca (press release)

Toronto, ON, November 29, 2012 — Todd Miller, CEO, Program Director and President of Radio That Doesn’t Suck Inc. (RTDS), and David Newland and Andy Frank of Roots Music Canada, are pleased to announce that effective December 6, 2012, Thursdays’ programming on RTDS will be devoted to the promotion of Canada’s thriving folk/roots music culture.

Roots Music Canada will provide three original hosted programs, and the rest of the RTDS broadcast Thursday will feature a wide variety of mostly independent, mostly Canadian folk/roots music.

Montreal’s Bill Garrett hosts The Open Chord, which draws upon his personal collection of recordings that spans some forty years, and covers music from the folk revival of the fifties and sixties to today’s contemporary songwriters. Bill Garrett was with CBC Radio for seventeen years, and has produced over 50 recordings of folk, blues and jazz.

Cobourg’s David Newland hosts The Songwriter’s Workshop, a one-hour conversation with songwriters about the craft of creating great songs. David Newland, co-founder of Roots Music Canada, is a respected writer, songwriter, and emcee. He has produced television segments, webcasts and podcasts for CBC, CTV and Canoe.ca, and has won two Canadian Online Publishing Awards.

Toronto’s Andy Frank hosts The Andy Frank Show, a one-hour interview/music show which features the scene’s top recent releases, as well as a feature interview with a hot Canadian folk/roots artist. Podcasts of the Andy Frank Show will feature a video version of the program. Andy Frank, co-founder of Roots Music Canada, is a videographer, producer and writer who has conducted over 2,000 radio interviews.

“RTDS has always supported independent artists, and we are especially excited to add such a high standard of rich and diverse programming to our clock”, says RTDS’ Todd Miller. “Having expert hosts like Bill, David and Andy adds depth, perspective and personality to the music.”

Roots Music Canada’s Andy Frank adds, “We’re thrilled to be associated with such a well established and high quality internet radio station. RTDS reflects the high kinds of standards we hope to present in our weekly programs.”

Radio That Doesn’t Suck was founded by Todd Miller in 2008. It offers rock, pop, jazz, folk/roots and a splash of classical music streamed 24/7 at 192 KBPS, as well as hosted content such as Michael Tearson’s “World Wide Dylan”; Paul Cavalconte’s “Vinyl Experience”; Gene Godfrey’s “Classic FM”; and Bob Goodman’s “Whole ‘Nuther Thing”. Talk offerings include “Mental Health Matters” and “The Small Business Big Ideas” show. rtds.ca

Roots Music Canada – rootsmusic.ca – was founded by David Newland and Andy Frank on Gordon Lightfoot’s birthday (November 17), 2009, and exists to promote the rich and diverse Canadian roots music culture. It features news, views and reviews, as well as hosted or streaming video and radio content.

For more information, please contact Todd Miller of RTDS at tm@rtds.ca / 416-258-4801, and Andy Frank of Roots Music Canada at andy@rootsmusic.ca / 416-206-0007.




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