Happy Valentine’s Day from David Myles

In honour of the day of love, David Myles has released a free download of his romantic song “I Will Love You” — available until this Friday, February 17. Visit David’s site to get your copy, or to send it to your Valentine.

What’s the story behind this song, “I Will Love You”?

I’ve always enjoyed writing romantic songs. But with this song, I wanted to write a really direct love song. A love song that wasn’t about any particular event or story, but rather a song that simply said: I love and will always love you. I wanted to get right to the heart of a love song. Often I find it’s the melodic or rhythmic idea that dictates the nature of the lyric. I started with a pretty simple guitar idea and it seemed to
flow naturally from there.

What inspired it?

I wrote this song during the month leading up to getting married. I
certainly think that’s where the idea of writing such a direct and
romantic love song came from. It was kind of like my vow to my wife.

Why the give-away?

I was really keen to do a version of this song that was a bit more
stripped-down and trio-based. Most of the live shows I’ve been doing
lately have been with Kyle Cunjak playing upright bass and singing, and
Alan Jeffries playing guitar and singing. It’s been awesome. I’m really
digging how the tunes have evolved in this format.
Being such a romantic song, I decided to make it a special Valentine’s Day treat. I love
Valentine’s Day, and I love the idea of sharing songs and also sharing how
songs can evolve over time. It’s fun for me.

This has been a big year for you. What’s been the highlight?

Hard to say. It has been a great year. We’ve been lucky to play at some
beautiful theatres throughout Canada, and that’s happening more and more
these days, which is a real pleasure. Plus, we did our first tour in
Australia over Christmas and into the New Year. That was unreal. A
beautiful time to tour in a beautiful country. Looks like I’ll be going
right back in May. We played at a festival over there called the Woodford
Folk Festival which was truly amazing.

What’s next for David Myles?

I’m doing some really nice shows this coming weekend in the Maritimes.
Playing a couple nights at the Mack in Charlottetown, which is a really
great cabaret-style venue. Then, on Sunday, we’re in Saint John, at one of
my very favourite theatres in the world, the Imperial Theatre. It’s just
like an old Broadway theatre. Beautiful. And it sounds great from the
After that, I’m heading down to Memphis for the North American Folk
Alliance, which is always a good time. Then, I have a packed March with
some really sweet shows at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, The
Burlington Performing Arts Centre, and the Glenn Gould Theatre in Toronto,
among others. Lots going on. All pretty exciting.

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