David Newland: our man is a Renaissance man

This coming Thursday evening at Hugh’s Room in Toronto, I will have the honour of introducing my Roots Music Canada partner, singer-songwriter David Newland to hundreds of his fans. That will include those gathered at the famous venue, as well as folks watching live on-line at this very site. I hope you’ll join us.

For me, this is a full-circle-moment, well actually, two of them: one I will share here, and one I will reserve for the stage.

You see, I first got to know David in his singer-songwriter incarnation. It was six years ago, back when I recorded and reviewed his concert at the Free Time Café. I was surprised to re-read that I was already calling him a Renaissance Man in 2006, for I hardly knew him; maybe I didn’t know the real meaning of the term, or maybe he just wore his profundities so loudly on his long sleeves that the term was obvious for me to use. Either way, I am relieved to state that time has indeed proven my risky assumption to be correct.

David Newland is not only proficient in multiple disciplines, he mines them like a relentless explorer, seemingly seeking where the truth – his truth – as plain and beautiful as his eye can see, lies within each of them. Long before internet-marketers cheapened the term authenticity, David learned to use its influence to guide his brilliant blog, newspaper and now novel writing; photography, public persona and multiple music projects.

His debut studio CD Give It A Whirl features the smiles, simplicity, accessibility, warmth and stripped-down beauty that is typical in a David Newland work of art, and he has never sounded better.

Produced by two-time Juno nominee Gregg Lawless, and featuring an all-star list of guests including John Sheard, George Koller, Dala, Kirsten Jones, and members of Quartette, The Good Lovelies and The Bebop Cowboys, Give It A Whirl is a timeless disc delivered by a timeless artist.

David will backed on stage by Lawless, at the head of band including Steve Briggs, Matt Horner, Fergus Marsh, and Robin Pirson. Special guests Jory Nash, Jason Fowler, Caitlin Hanford, The McFlies and members of the Corktown Ukulele Jam will all be on hand. It’ll be great to see you there.

Photo: Margaret Mulligan

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