Calling all poets: Leonard Cohen poetry contest!

Leonard Cohen‘s latest album, Old Ideas, was released today. At the age of 77, nearly 45 years since the release of his first album, the mysterious Montreal native proves he’s still got it.

We’re very excited to offer you a chance to win from an amazing prize pack, including Old Ideas either on CD or vinyl, and a limited edition lithograph of a Leonard Cohen drawing!

Of course, Mr. Cohen got his creative start writing poetry, so to win, you must prove your poetic prowess too.

Win this Leonard Cohen lithograph

Here’s how you can participate:

Write an original poem (in any poetic format—haiku, sonnet, anything you like—up to 25 lines in length) with a Canadian roots music theme.

Email your poem to submissions @ rootsmusic.ca (without the spaces) by midnight ET, on Sunday, February 5.

Up to four winners will be chosen by our editors, and announced next Tuesday, when the winning poetic entries will be published.

For inspiration, have a listen to Old Ideas and let us know what you think of the new album:

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  1. Sarah 1 February, 2012 at 01:26

    Hey there!

    I just sent a submission but the email address was incorrect. I think it needs to be listed as submissions @ roots .ca (the ‘s’ after roots is missing when it’s listed on this page)



  2. Stef Laramie 5 February, 2012 at 11:37

    a note from spring.
    to sing in barks and harks
    and hallowed luyahs.
    roots from the land up over.
    music to my soul.
    music to my ears clears the fears,
    and releases the pitch that listens as the tears flow freely
    marking the path to my trebled soul.
    let go, suck in and lift me more
    song and chord and pluck and bow
    the music of your soul i know…..
    she hums…he smiles
    they tap and laugh and barely look away
    with eyes of their hoovering ears

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