Best Songs of 2011 – Team Roots Music Canada

Our final wrap up of 2011’s very best songs comes from all of us here at Roots Music Canada. Many thanks to all of our volunteers, for being our writers, photographers, videographers, social media hosts and production assistants — sometimes all at the same time. You make it happen.

Thanks also to everyone who contributed to parts one and two of our Best of 2011 series.

Welcome, 2012.

Ron Hynes — “Sawchuk” (Stealing Genius)
— chosen by David Newland

Ron Hynes – Sawchuk from Roots Music Canada on Vimeo.

Jon Brooks — “Because We’re Free” (Delicate Cages)
— chosen by Andy Frank

Lindi Ortega — “Black Fly” (Little Red Boots)
— chosen by Paul Corby

Craig Cardiff — “Gate” (Floods & Fires)
— chosen by Shawna Caspi

Over the Rhine — “Infamous Love Song” (The Long Surrender)

— chosen by David Sheffield

Rose Cousins — “I Were the Bird” (The Send Off)
— chosen by Eric Thom

Rose Cousins — “The Darkness” (We Have Made a Spark)

— chosen by Meghan Sheffield

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