Best of 2011 – Movers and Shakers

This week we’ll be running a special year-end retrospective series featuring the best songs of 2011 — as chosen by members of our community.

In this edition: the publicists and community builders who work behind the scenes, forming a bridge between artists and media outlets like ours, finally get a moment in the spotlight. Here are their choices:

New Country Rehab — “Angel of Death” (New Country Rehab)

—Dave Cool
Angel of Death by curlybecs

Oliver Swain — “Mexican Dentist Song” (In A Big Machine) (MP3)
—Joelle May
ModMay Promotions

Grainne — “The Rain” (Looking For Sunshine)
—Bev Kreller
SPEAK Music Publicity
The Rain by Grainne2

Jim Cuddy — “Everyone Watched the Wedding” (Skyscraper Soul)
—Jane Harbury
Jane Harbury Publicity

James Vincent McMorrow — “We Don’t Eat” (Early In The Morning)
—Emma Julien
Jane Harbury Publicity
JAMES VINCENT McMORROW – We Don’t Eat by Music Week

The Weather Station — Came So Easy (All of it Was Mine)
—Matt Charlton
Pigeon Row Publicity

Jon Brooks — Mercy (Delicate Cages)
—Lisa Weitz
LW Communications

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  1. avatar
    Richard Flohil 30 December, 2011 at 16:43

    Oh, I get it; we’re meant to hype our clients! In no particular order then…

    Shakura S’Aida at the Maple Blues Awards (she’s hosting this year with Treasa Levasseur)

    Alejandra Ribera (warning, VERY intense)

    What Andrea Ramolo did last summer

    Treasa Levasseur (hosting the Maple Blues Awards Jan. 16 with Shakura)

    Finally, Miss Ariana Gillis (and her dad) wish you all a Happy New Year

    And all good fortune to all of us here on Rootsmusic.ca, and our respected leaders, Messrs Frank & Newland…

  2. avatar
    David Newland 30 December, 2011 at 17:41

    Richard, you’re too clever. You prompt us to question whether, rather than answering our email and choosing one artist, you waited til the list was made public and named several.

    In any case, I think you do your colleagues too little justice. At least 2 people on this list chose artists with whom they have no affiliation that we’re aware of, and we have no reason to suspect the others are being anything less than genuine in their choices.

    Many promoters and publicists, as you know, really like the musicians they work with. We presume that’s the case here, all around.

  3. avatar
    Richard Flohil 31 December, 2011 at 04:58

    Sorry, not trying to be clever – came in on the thread late, didn’t see an e-mail from yun guys, and apparently misunderstood the intent. But my choices (including the Ry Cooder one) WERE genuine. Whoops! Wanna delete all the above?… Go for it!

  4. avatar
    Joelle May 3 January, 2012 at 19:01

    I just took a look at who got the most plays in my iTunes this year out the 2011 albums I added (not just clients), and it happens that I listen to my clients music a lot! Cause I know they are awesome!

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