A seasonal surprise from Magoo

Yesterday Roots Music Canada headquarters was graced with a visit from our favourite folky fool,  Magoo, who in the spirit of the season, shared this special Christmas song with us — and you!

For the full story of Magoo’s Christmas tree expedition — and his costume for such an endeavour — be sure to visit Magoo’s Facebook fan page.

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    Terry McLeish 24 December, 2011 at 01:22

    It was the late 70’s and I was living just outside of Pembroke near Beachburg, Ont. Magoo was playing at the Hillsboro Hotel, a last relic of hotels gone by. There was a tavern attached for the men, mostly, and a small stage at the front in the main room. Loggers, farmers, misfits and mill workers all cramed into the same small room as Magoo. It was great and I invited Magoo back to my small farm for a beer and some R&R between shows. We played some of our personal songs to each other talked about what we were doing. Magoo’s the real deal.

    Terry McLeish, Westmeath, Ont.

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