CFMA Broadcast Reaches Thousands

rob howard and rick scicluna

Cameraman Rob "Errol" Howard with Director Rick Scicluna

Roots Music Canada’s CFMA weekend webcast December 3rd and 4th was viewed by over 2,000 music lovers. While we were hoping for more (of course), sharing the best of Canada’s folk music scene with the equivalent of a packed Massey Hall in Toronto is pretty awesome.

International viewers, led by the USA, accounted for over 25% of all viewers, including a surprisingly strong showing from South America and Europe. In Canada, Ontario led the views with 30%, followed by Quebec with 12%.

Doing the job well is also very satisfying, and we received lots of feedback complimenting our team. Technically, the biggest differences between this year’s broadcasts and last years first CFMA broadcast from Winnipeg were sound quality and stream quality. We invested some of our generous sponsors’ money in broadcast-sound technicians Jason LaPrade and Marty Smyth, and both gentlemen remixed the stage feed remarkably well. Meanwhile, Bell Aliant delivered a terrific video-feed to computers in homes around the world, without any dropouts or significant delays.

As the producer of this event, I reserve my heartiest compliment for “diRICKtor”, Rick Scicluna. His calling of camera shots and simultaneous live switching was incredible to observe. Cameramen Kate Adach, Rob Howard and Brian Crosby, whether standing on chairs, squatting in closets or skilfully shooting choirs, delivered great results. Shawna Caspi and Meghan Sheffield kept our viewers updated on news from the control room, and David Newland was— not surprisingly — a classy show host.

Looking ahead to next year in Saint John, New Brunswick, we hope to do this all again, this time in HD, with two additional cameras, and upgraded chat features.

Thanks to all of you for watching, and special thanks to all of our sponsors and donors for making this entrepreneurial venture a win. And a final thanks to Kirsten Jones, an angel who just happened to fall out of orbit and land in our office. Kirsten skilfully managed to raise enough money to make it all happen, and none of this would have happened without her.

Below are some photos taken by Shawna Caspi and me over the weekend. Enjoy!



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  1. avatar
    Kirsten Jones 11 December, 2011 at 20:59

    I couldn’t be happier to have been involved! I believe wholeheartedly in Roots Music Canada, and David, Rick, and Andy are three of the best guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

  2. avatar
    paula v 11 December, 2011 at 22:27

    i was so happy to be able to watch from my home and see my sister win her award!! thanks for broadcasting!!! you guys rock!!

  3. avatar
    Bruce Morel 12 December, 2011 at 12:57

    Hey Guys,
    As you know i was unable to be in Toronto due to health issues, but thanks to your excellent pioneering work i was able to watch the awards from the comfort of my living room here in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. The interview segments were fun, sound quality was great and your overall broadcast was well done. Thanks again and keep up the tremendous work that Roots Music Canada is doing.

  4. avatar
    derek andrews 12 December, 2011 at 18:03

    nicely done team. i received an email from my friend ian menzies watching in calgary as i returned to my cfma seat saying nice things about my suit jacket and the witty bungle of karen hallejulah’s name. (he managed kiran’s career for years.) it will however be my last public attempt at humour as the normally friendly shelley rogers warned me not to cut her grass. i’ll try to leave the laughs to the professionals in future…

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