10 days to CFMA on Roots Music Canada

The countdown to our broadcast of the 7th Annual Canadian Folk Music Awards, (Sunday, December 4th, 8:00 PM) and the related Nominee Showcase (Saturday, December 3rd, 8:15 PM) is on, only 10 days to go!

Live streaming is like a TV production, only on a much smaller scale, and the challenge we have as producers, directors, technicians and hosts, is that viewers (naturally) have television-tastes. So how can we live up to those standards? By doing the best we can with what we’ve got, and by learning from last year’s CFMA experience in Winnipeg, which was the first time we ever attempted to present an awards-show.

We have basically the same assets we had last year: miles of cable, three pro cameras (and pro camera-operators), a Tricaster Pro computer which mixes live cams, video, stills and graphics on-the-fly (by director Rick Scicluna), dedicated phone-lines at the venues, an audio feed, pre-recorded intermission features, live chat with viewers, and savvy hosting.

The broadcast improvements we’re working on include:

  • beautiful broadcast graphics by Janine Stoll Media such as the one you see above
  • streaming by Bell Aliant, a nearly real-time stream with no buffering
  • a Facebook chat platform which makes it instant for anyone on Facebook to chat
  • custom remixed audio by Jason LaPrade and Marty Smyth
  • on-camera hosting by our David Newland, one of the scene’s finest hosts

Of course as we all know, the real executive producer of these kinds of events is Edward Murphy, he who allegedly inspired Murphy’s Law. But like any good production company, we keep the executive producer distracted and inebriated, and carry on in spite of him.

Tune in, right here at this site, Saturday, December 3, 8:15 PM, and Sunday, December 4, 8:00 PM. Our CFMA Broadcast depends on sponsors and donors. Please support this important initiative!

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