Holger Petersen: Talking Music

The Canadian music scene has its share of champions, and Edmonton’s Holger Petersen ranks highly on that list. He is a co-founder of the Edmonton Folk Festival (1980), a veteran radio host (CKUA Natch’l Blues since 1969, CBC Saturday Night Blues since 1986), and the co-founder/owner of Stony Plain Records (1975).

If anyone has the musical street cred to write a book on Blues Radio and Roots Music, it’s Holger Petersen. The book is titled Talking Music and is published by Insomniac Press.

The book is essentially a collection of interview transcripts with over twenty well-known artists, recorded over the span of Petersen’s career, and broken into four categories: British Blues Revival, Delta and Memphis Blues, Artists Who Helped Build Stony Plain Records, and Bonus Tracks.

Among the artists interviewed are Long John Baldry, Ry Cooder, Ike Turner, and Lucinda Williams.

In the above videos, Petersen talks about some of the other characters that populate Talking Music with Roots Music Canada’s Andy Frank.

35 Years of Stony Plain [2 CDs + Bonus DVD] was released in 2010. It will be among our top suggestions for holiday gifts this year.

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