A good friend has lost a good dog

May 30, 1999 - November 9, 2011

The Roots Music Canada team is sending warm thoughts out tonight to our dear friend and mentor, Shelagh Rogers.

Shelagh’s beloved dog, Poppy, went to her rest today, and we all know how the heart aches to bid a beloved pet goodbye. (There’s a Schnauzer on our team too, Andy’s pal Cinder J. Dog).

Poppy’s fame will outlast her twelve years.  (61 in dog years). She was one of the few dogs to enter the Canadian folk music canon. Specifically, she was, as far as we know, the only Schnauzer to be immortalized in lyrics by Murray McLauchlan.

McLauchlan wrote Poppy into verse after she caught fire one Christmas in the lighting of the pudding:

No accidents our hearts’ desire
Is not to set the dog on fire
The Schnauzer has so little hair
Ignite it and there’s nothing there

Let the Schnauzer not be singed!
Let the eve not come unhinged
O Christmas Pud, O Christmas Pud
Round and sweet and very good !!!

A legacy of jolliness aside: a good friend has lost a good dog, and we’re sad for her.

R.I.P. Poppy.

Love ya, Chief! See you at the CFMAs.

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