Cash tribute raises cash

David Newland performs "Big River"
with Jenny Whiteley, Steafan Hannigan & Joey Wright.

We’re still basking in the afterglow from Thursday’s Johnny Cash tribute in Port Hope, Ontario.

Hosted by Roots Music Canada’s Editor-in-Chief David Newland, “Till Things Are Brighter: The Songs of Johnny Cash” was a fundraiser for a grassroots community initiative called Green Wood Coalition.

Johnny Cash has long been a symbol and champion of the underdog, and makes a fitting icon for the folks at Green Wood — most of whom were in attendance to enjoy the event.

Beyond raising funds for such a worthy cause, it was a great show. Some of the very best musicians from around Ontario gathered to perform their interpretation of classic Cash hits: Jay Aymar, Melwood Cutlery, Nancy Dutra, Graeme Kennedy (of the Birthday Boys), Jadea Kelly, Jory Nash, Arthur Renwick, Jenny Whiteley, Joey Wright and the Sycamores.

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Joey Wright signing a raffled ukulele

Chris Bennett & Nancy Dutra

During an all-cast rehearsal, Melwood Cutlery shares a lyric sheet with Jory Nash

Calling the rehearsal to order.

Melwood Cutlery, Jay Aymar & Jadea Kelly

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    Jim Yates 5 November, 2011 at 12:43

    I’ll second that Lesley. Nice to see all of those ukuleles on stage for the Circle finale.

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