Sunshine and “Simple Pleasures” with David Myles

It’s happening, folks.

The autumnal equinox has come and gone; October has arrived, and with it, grey days and a chill in the air. Summer, with its warm afternoons at folk festivals and starry nights around the campfire, is but a memory.

Good news: David Myles’ sunshine-filled single “Simple Pleasures,” produced by East Coast hip hopper Classified, is the perfect antidote to frost warnings.

Myles, a Fredericton native now living in Halifax, is known for his sweet voice and lively, rhythmic guitar tunes, but this song takes that “poppy” feel to the next level. The chorus has a great hook, but the whole song is ridiculously catchy — is there such a thing as a sing-and-dance-along? Let’s just call it “anthemic.” 

A simple hand-clap keeps time, complimented by horns, echo, repeats and stutters. All the while, washed out, beach lit stop motion photographs from Hiep Vu narrate a story of summer parties: a spinning Panama hat, a margarita that makes itself, a plunge into a pool.

If you like this collaboration, be sure to check out the co-write David did on Classified’s “The Day Doesn’t Die,” where the proportions of folk to hip hop have been reversed.

David Myles’ new record is available tomorrow, October 4th, and is aptly titled Into the Sun. If you can’t wait that long, his Live at the Carleton (released earlier this year) is one of the best live records we’ve heard lately.

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    Cindy 10 October, 2011 at 18:40

    Nice article on David Myles. I read a really good article by a Toronto music reviewer Valerie McDermott on her Madly Juicy Online Music site comparing the music styles of Neil Young and Jonie Mitchell. Both started their music careers in Western Canada and moved to Toronto for more exopsure. Both played to same music genre folk, folk rock, pop and r&b. McDermott picked them both in her Canadian Top Ten Songwriters of all time. When asked if she had a preference in either singer she sad ” Both performers are unique in their musical and songwriting capabilities and set a standard for up and coming Canadian performers looking to make their mark on the world stage.”

    McDermott’s article goes into great detail regarding both singers, and is a must read for Neil Young and Joni Mitchell fans.

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