Folk’s favourite fashionisto

It’s Tuesday. Do you know where your fashion tips are?

If you’ve “liked” Magoo’s Facebook page, you know it means it’s not just the day after Monday — it’s Fashion Tips Tuesday.

Magoo is a veteran songwriter, perpetual Blue Skies host, family performer, a winner of the “Off Beat” Porcupine Award, parade leader, a major supporter of ArtsCan Circle, and a beloved figure on the Ontario folk community.

He’s impossible to miss: long-legged, with silver curls flying behind him as he moves on to the next stage, sometimes commuting by inline skates, with juggling pins under one arm. And then of course, there are the wacky outfits.

Take his hats: the iconic boater, the friendly Hermes-style winged hardhat, the pith helmet, Kofia, pork pie, tam o’shanter… all find a home on that haberdashing head of his.

The Prince of Plaid, the Avatar of the Aloha shirt, the Raja of Roller Skates, Magoo is unrivaled in his stylistic sense of adventure.

Always a pleasure to see on stage or between at a folk festival, Magoo’s fashion flare and flourishes are now available in the off-season, in your own home, thanks to the power of social media, which Magoo has embraced with typical gusto.

Fashion Tips Tuesday is posted as a photo album to Magoo’s Facebook page weekly.

Each album features a new series of photos of a single outfit with detailed information on what and how Magoo is wearing it, how to assemble an outfit and where to find a similar whatsit for your own wardrobe.

Intrigued? What are you waiting for?! Follow Magoo on Facebook for the finest in folk fashion!

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