“My life,” says Kev Corbett, “has three equal parts: artist, sideguy, drum teacher.”

Which is a lot. And when you consider the fact that he tours for two years at a time, builds his own bass on demand, and works on sessions with the likes of Norma MacDonald and Irish Mythen, it all adds up to a life that can fairly be described as “relentless.”

That’s a pretty good description of Corbett’s writing and playing, too. His songs are chock-a-block with lyrics, intoned in a voice that’s more narrative than melodic, and driven by his unusual, percussive guitar style.

Perhaps that’s what Jowi Taylor means calling Corbett’s style “clockwork folk-pop”. Like a clock, Kev Corbett gets wound up and just keeps on ticking.

Phil Harries called him “a true folksinger” in Penguin Eggs; Lewis Melville noted his “vivid and evocative rapid fire storylines, sweet and raggedy sounds.”

We had the pleasure of chatting with Kev Corbett for this Woodshed Session during a relatively quiet moment, and we still call him relentless. Enjoy!

Watch exclusive Woodshed Session performances of Cheese and Whiskey and Driving Song on Vimeo, and Son of a Rudderless Boat on Youtube.

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